Most Gracious and Heavenly Father,

    We acknowledge your sovereignty in all things.  We believe that you have called Prophecy Academy, Inc., to be a place where your name is exalted and your children are led to know you as Creator and Savior.  We enter this new school year realizing our total dependence on you, so we just want to dedicate Prophecy Academy, Inc., totally to you.  We ask for your blessing upon every student, parent, teacher, board member, pastor, minister, visitor, and every individual committed to making a difference in your school.  We know this is your “Sacred Place”, Father, and we ask that you will bless every step we take.

    We would like to thank you for helping us to mold the hearts, souls, spirits, and minds of your children.  As we give our best in service to you, Father we will continue to pray for your wisdom, guidance, help, protection, strength, peace and righteousness.

    Father, we thank you for the miracles you will perform; we thank you for the Gift of Life.  We thank you for opportunities; we thank you for the families that will be touched by your amazing grace.  We thank you for dismantling every plan of the enemy; we thank you for bringing joy and laughter.  We thank you for the peace and for the presence of your Holy Spirit; we give thanks for your everlasting love. 

In the Name of Jesus,



Help me today, Oh God.

To keep my temper,

And to control my tongue.

To quarrel with no one;

And to be friends with everyone.

So bring us to the end of today,

With nothing to be sorry for;

And nothing left undone.

In Jesus Christ our Lord.