Mission Statement

PRODUCING "Children of Issachar" Who know the times and what they should do. 

    Church of God of Prophecy Academy, Inc. offers a Christian atmosphere which develops the physical, spiritual, intellectual and social skills
of every student.  Our primary purpose is to help train students while teaching them the Christian way of life.


Our educational philosophy is based on the truth that God, whose Word is the Bible, is authoratative, indestructible and infallible.  God has created all things, sustains all things, and rules the universe all by Himself.

Our aim is to teach the penalty of Adam's sin that separated man from God, and how God, through His great love for man, gave His only Son so that man may accept His great gift of Eternal Life.

Our philosophy serves to channel our knowledge, to promote high academic standards,

and to help students gain creative and critical thinking skills to master our Advanced, Technological, Integrated curriculum.


Our aim is to have our students prepared for a smooth transition to high school and then on to the college or the university of their choice.

They may opt to enter the job market or the military, taking into their area of service, good moral character and work ethics.


Our mission statement, “To Develop the TOTAL CHILD,” includes the spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional aspects of their life.

These principles are rooted in God's Word which stands forever.


We pledge to cooperate fully with parents in all academic phases of student’s development, and are ready to assist them in understanding the standards and goals of Prophecy Academy, Inc.