History of PAI ~ CELEBRATING 30 yrs.

{excerpts from the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Prophecy Elementary School,

on Saturday, June 1, 1991 with Mrs. Verona M. Rogers as Principal}

Prophecy School in Retrospect


he doors of Prophecy Academy, Inc. formerly known as Prophecy Elementary School were opened August 31, 1981 with a total of seven students in Kindergarten and first grade classes.  The school struggled against many obstacles, but it continued to progress under the dedicated leadership of Ingrid Hutchinson, our first principal, who finds herself currently back in this role as Interim Principal, and Violet Galloway, who is still part of us, as our Prayer Warrior.  We take time to give special tribute to these outstanding ladies who volunteered their services in order to get the school off to a good start.

Prophecy Elementary School is a Christian-oriented school with a concentration on academic basics.  Through much hard work and innovation by the staff and the School Board, Prophecy has kept a stead pace of growth until today there is a thriving enrollment of 186 in Kindergarten through Sixth grade classes with a staff of 15.  Enrollment has exceeded the projections of the school committee, now there is a pressing demand to build additional facilities in order to accommodate the growing institution.  A building campaign is now on its way!

We take this opportunity to salute our former principals – Ingrid Hutchinson, Linda Vialet, & Gladstone Hazel.  They all in their unique way, have contributed much to the growth of the school.  In helping to lay a solid academic foundation, these former principals can take pride in their accomplishments on behalf of the scores of students who have had the privilege of attending Prophecy Elementary School.

Today, this thriving institution enjoys a reputation in our community for the excellent quality of its product – the many students who have excelled and moved on to other schools.

Now, as we look forward to the next decade, it is imperative that the school obtains new expanded facilities to fulfill its objective of “Developing the Total Child”Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

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