Global Vision/Mission

Our continued direction at PAI this year, is to have the classroom teachers collaborate with the TECHnology Coordinator.  Together, we will work with each of their classes to initiate and complete projects, assignments, and other related technological tasks.

As an entire school, we are implementing a Global Vision/Mission, which is as follows:  1) Each grade level has to reach out to another classroom on another continent and communicate with them at least 2x/month; 2) Our PTF has to reach out to another Christian school's PTF on the mainland at least 1x/month; 3) Our Administration has to reach out to other Administrations anywhere in this territory and throughout the Caribbean at least 1x/month.  This will enable us to go outside the 4-walls of our school and see what is or is not working for other schools around the World.  We can exchange advice with others about what is effective in our "neck-of-the-woods"!